In the countryside around Kanchanaburi city, cave temples are almost as common as 7-Elevens inside the city, and this is one of the most interesting. Walk up the steps and into the dragon's mouth to reach the large, main cave. A section of one big rock is said to resemble Bua Kli, an innocent woman killed by her husband in Thai folklore, and is consequently 'dressed' throughout the year.

Above her is a Phra Siwali (an important disciple of the Buddha) statue illuminated by a single shaft of sunlight each cloudless morning. Continuing up the mountain (on the metal spiral staircase at the cave entrance) takes you to some minor shrines and major views. Tham Man Wichit cave, near the top, has steps and lights and some lovely rock formations.

You'll pass the temple 4km before Wat Tham Seua.