Chinese Cemetery


In contrast to the manicured uniformity of the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery next to it, this Chinese cemetery is somewhat overgrown but contains some large tombs in grassy burial mounds.

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Nearby Kanchanaburi attractions

1. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

0.11 MILES

Immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, this is the larger of Kanchanaburi's two war cemeteries, and is right in town. Of the…

2. Thailand–Burma Railway Centre


This excellent museum balances statistics and historical context with personal accounts of the conditions endured by POWs and other imprisoned labourers…

3. Wat Thewa Sangkharam

0.24 MILES

This sizeable temple in Kanchanaburi is worth a wander to admire its grand, bell-shaped stupa near the river and various Thai-style shrines. In particular…

4. Heritage Walking Street


A stroll along this city centre street offers a glimpse of a bygone Kanchanaburi. Many buildings date to the 1920s and '30s and their Sino-Portuguese,…

5. City Gate

0.71 MILES

This restored original city gate (built 1831) is a remnant of Kanchanaburi's once mighty defensive walls, which linked six fortresses. Just behind it is a…

6. Lak Meuang

0.71 MILES

Behind the City Gate stands this small, gold-trimmed shrine for Kanchanburi city's guardian spirit.

7. JEATH War Museum

0.98 MILES

This small museum, opened in 1977, mostly focuses on the terrible ordeals of the POWs who built the Death Railway. Their harsh living conditions are shown…

8. Wat Chaichumphon

1.07 MILES

Next to the JEATH War Museum, this temple has some interesting statues and shrines, including one fashioned from a WWII-era boat dredged out of the river.