Hat Sunrise

Ko Lipe

Hat Sunrise, a sublime long stretch of powder-fine sand, runs along Ko Lipe's east coast and is the best beach on the island. From its northernmost point, you'll have spectacular Ko Adang views. The southern end is home to upmarket resorts. During low season (May to October) the line-up of boats and long-tails along the beachfront crowds out swimmers.

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Nearby Ko Lipe attractions

1. Ko Usen

0.36 MILES

Ko Usen, one of the little islands opposite Hat Sunrise, has some good coral. Most resorts rent out mask-and-snorkel sets and fins (100B to 200B). Take…

2. Ko Kra

0.37 MILES

There’s good coral around Ko Kra, one of the little islands opposite Hat Sunrise, but be aware of, and take care around, oncoming long-tail boats. Most…

3. Hat Pattaya

0.67 MILES

Busy Hat Pattaya on Lipe's southern coast has beach bars, seafood and a party vibe during the high season, though long-tails often crowd out swimmers.

4. Hat Sunset

0.71 MILES

With its slender strip of golden sand, gentle jungle-covered hills and serene bay that spills into the Adang Strait on the western side of the island, Hat…

5. Chado Cliff

2.16 MILES

There are great views from Chado Cliff, a 30-minute hike above the main beach. Apparently pirates plotted attacks on commercial ships from this viewpoint.

6. Pirate’s Falls

2.26 MILES

Reached via a short jungle trail, Pirate’s Falls is rumoured to have been a freshwater source for pirates (and is more of a cascading river than a…

7. Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

13.16 MILES

This 51-island marine national park, covered with well-preserved virgin rainforest teeming with fauna and surrounded by healthy coral reefs and radiant…

8. Ao Son

22.9 MILES

This isolated bay is on the west coast, a 30-minute boat ride (1500B) or 8km walk or cycle south of Ao Pante Malacca. A signposted track 300m inland from…