Tanzanian shilling (Tsh)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Camping per person: US$5–15
  • Bed in a hostel or budget guesthouse: US$15–25
  • Meal in a local restaurant: US$2–5
  • Long-distance bus fares: US$5–25

Midrange: US$50–200

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: US$50–150
  • Restaurant meal: US$5–10
  • Vehicle hire per day: from US$100

Top End: More than US$200

  • Double room in an upmarket hotel: from US$150
  • Upmarket safari packages per person per day: from US$250
  • Domestic one-way flights: US$75–300


In Zanzibar, as in most other parts of Africa, prices are fixed in the larger shops and in outlets supporting local cooperatives. At smaller shops and stalls, prices are negotiable and bargaining is expected. As in the rest of Africa, there are no rules; the aim is simply to reach a price that's agreeable to buyer and seller.


Zanzibar Town has a few banks with ATMs, although not all function with non-Tanzanian bank accounts. For changing cash, it's best to use licensed bureaus.


The most useful ATMs for travellers in Stone Town are attached to CRDB, NBC and Diamond Trust Bank.


Officially, accommodation on Zanzibar must be paid for in US dollars, and so prices for hotel rooms, as well as various other tourist-related services, are often quoted in this currency. However, it's almost never a problem to pay the equivalent in Tanzanian shillings.

Changing Money

The handiest place to change money is at one of the licensed bureaus on Gizenga St, including Union Forex Bureau and Eagle Change Bureau. They will change US dollars, British pounds, euros and other hard currencies into Tanzanian shillings.