Shutterstock / Elia Benedict Luena

Central Tanzania

Central Tanzania lies well off most tourist itineraries, and that's just the way we like it. Exceptional and enigmatic, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Kondoa Rock-Art Sites, scattered across remote hills along the Rift Valley Escarpment, are the region's premier attraction. Not far away, Mt Hanang soars to 3417m and is a worthy climb, both for its own sake and for the chance to summit all by yourself. Both attractions also serve as gateways to the world of the colourful Barabaig and other tribes whose traditional lifestyles remain little touched by the modern world.

And then there's Dodoma, Tanzania’s legislative capital, an intriguing relic of nationalist ambition with interesting architecture and the region’s best facilities. Travel here isn't always easy – transport and accommodation can be a little rough around the edges – but it's a window on a Tanzania few visitors ever get to see.