Shihtiping Geopark

Central East Coast

One of Taiwan's most beautiful areas of unspoilt coastline runs south from Fengbin, culminating at a headland beyond Shitigang fishing harbour, known as Shihtiping. Here, a reserve area offers pathways and viewing platforms from which to appreciate a series of wave-battered geological formations, including deep rock pools and a white-coloured cuesta (sloping scarp) onto which you can clamber.

The site somewhat immodestly touts itself as a 'world-class outdoor geological classroom', but anyone can appreciate the splendid views looking north at layer upon layer of steep green slopes rising from the frothing Pacific. Or, on a calm day, watch fish darting in the shallows. The park's spine is a 1.1km toll road starting from Km63.4 on Highway 11. Come at dawn for the sunrise or after 6pm to enjoy the scene with few other tourists. At weekends and especially during Chinese holiday periods, the site can become a contrastingly crowded traffic jam thanks to limited parking and passing places.

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