Qixingtan (Chihsingtan) is a former fishing hamlet whose few remaining, old, tin-roofed shacks are outnumbered by a gaggle of small but fanciful hotels. The promenade is a popular place to stroll, cycle or picnic while admiring a very extensive curl of grey-shingle beach, though the strong currents make swimming here unwise.

In the shadow of the concrete highway access ramp, Chihsing Tan Katsuo Museum commemorates the hamlet's fishing heritage in a former bonito-drying factory. It's 5km east of Hualien train station. You can get here by most Toroko Tourist Shuttle buses (nine daily, 13 minutes) or on Hualien Bus 105 (NT$46, twice daily, 32 minutes). On the promenade just north of the hotels is a bicycle-hire outlet.

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