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The eastern landscape is dominated by towering sea cliffs and marble gorges, rice fields and wooded mountain ranges. There are no bad views here, and if you spot a worried look on a traveller's face, it means 'I hope they don't ever ruin the east'.

The east is Taiwan's premier outdoor playground, and cyclists have discovered an ideal environment combining knockout scenery, good roads and plenty of cosy B&Bs. Others find the high concentration of indigenous people gives the region an appealing distinction – and a less manic vibe than the west. Just look at the top speed limit: 70km/h! You don't rush through the east; you savour it.

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$75 Day Trips & Excursions

Taroko Gorge Small-Group Full-Day Tour from Hualien City

You will be picked up from your hotel in Hualien city between 8:30 am to 9:00 am and pickup at Hualien Train Station or Hualien Airport are acceptable, as well. It takes around forty minutes from Hualien City to Taroko Gorge. One of the eight wonders in Taiwan, Qingshui Cliff (Ching-Shui Cliff) will greet you firstly. The marvelous cliff and emerald blue sea water, make Qingshui as a touristic highlight in Taroko National Park. Besides the abandoned old highway trace, you would be able to peep local traditional fishing culture.Keep going down through the East-West Highway (Su-Hua Highway; Hwy8), you will see the entrance of Taroko Gorge. The small archway was settled for more than fifty years. It is regarded as a landmark of Taroko National Park. Most of the passengers who have been to Taroko Gorge would take photos with this archway.The first trekking on the tour would be Shakadang Trail (Mysterious Valley trail), featuring for its crystal-blue stream water and amazing sedimentary colorful rocks. There’s no need to worry about the hike, it is flat and easy, suitable for a family. Besides, you will see local aboriginal wild vegetable farms. At the end of the trail, you can buy some beverage in the shop owned by local aborigines, and handicraft related to their culture. You can even take off your shoes and soak your feet into the clean and fresh stream. You will have a great experience of exploring the East Coast of Taiwan. The 3km trail takes around an hour to complete.After relax and light hiking on Shakadang trail, the other picturesque spot nearby is Eternal Spring Shrine. The shrine is built to commemorate the sacrificed workers during the construction. Everlasting spring symbolizes the promising future of this land. In addition, our driver can take you to some secret spots nearby and tell you more stories behind the scenes.After lunch, you are going to Swallow Grotto (known as Yanzihkou Trail), the must-see sight of Taroko Gorge. You will walk on the old Central Cross Island Highway, and you will be amazed by how the narrow tunnel goes through the marble mountain could be built. The dynamic geological activities and river cutting deepen the gorge day after day.  For safety, our driver will borrow helmets for you during the walk in Swallow Grotto in the case of some small falling rocks. It takes around thirty minutes walking through this marble paradise. Besides the spots mentioned above, you could also visit Lushui Trail, Cimu Bridge, Chishingtan Scenic Area ... etc if time is allowed. For the lunch, your tour guide will take you to the best local restaurant which is owned by Taroko Tribal aborigines and will serve aboriginal-style cuisine.

$110 Day Trips & Excursions

Taroko Gorge Hike: Zhuilu Old Trail from Hualien City

You will be picked up in the hotel in Hualien City between 7:30 am and 8:30 am and Hualien Train Station or Hualien Airport are acceptable for pickup, as well. Your tour guide will ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the trail before heading down to a convenience store to get last minute necessities, such as water, snacks, lunch that you might need or wish to enjoy along the hike. At the starting point, you will be greeted by a beautiful suspension bridge which is not accessible if without a permit. The total distance of the hike is 6.2km (3.1km one way). The first thirty minutes of the hike is the most arduous as it spans 1.0km of steep steps before we pit-stop at the old Japanese military outpost. Along the way, you can expect to see some wildlife such as exotic birds, monkeys, and mountain goats. You will continue to hike for another two hours before reaching the most spectacular part of the trail: the Zhuliu giantic cliff. This part of the trail offers the most stunning, spectacular paranomic view of the Taroko Gorge. Imagine yourself looking down from the top of Taipei 101(Taiwan’s tallest building), only this is different, as you take in the scenery before you and have the magnificent marble-walled canyon of Taroko beneath your feet. Be amazed and thoroughly in awe of the five-hundred meters long Zhuliu marble cliff’s beauty, charting for yourself one of the greatest hiking experience of a lifetime!You will have your lunch at the Cliff Outpost with an amazing view. After lunch, you will take the same route back to the trailhead. Once at the trailhead, your tour guide will take you back to Hualien City to enjoy a meal at a seventy-year-old Wonton soup shop at your own cost before dropping you off at Hualien train station. If you wish to browse around the night market after the tour, your tour guide can drop you at night market area for free as well.

$58 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Private Taroko National Park Tour from Hualien City

Duration: 8 hoursLocation: Taroko National ParkWake up to a leisurely morning with a stop at the picturesque Chishingtan Beach, and then a scenic drive along the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to Qingshui Cliffs. Following that, explore Taroko Gorge with a stroll along the crystal clear waters of the Shakadang Trail, and enjoy sights of a majestic waterfall flowing through the Eternal Spring Shrine.In the afternoon, watch swallows nesting and flying around the vertical marble cliffs in Swallow’s Grotto, and then hike up the easy Lushui Trail before stopping at the photo worthy Cimu bridge. End of with a walk to the spectacular Baiyang Waterfall.*As this day tour involves trail walking, please wear comfortable shoes.

$56.25 Tours & Sightseeing

Taroko National Park Classic Full-Day Tour

• Taroko Arch Gate: The gate that marks the entrance of the national park, welcoming the visitors from all over the world. • Shakadang Trail: Relaxing trail with grotesque rock formation and beautiful patterns on the cliff. The river by the trail remains crystal clear and turquoise throughout the year. • Swallow Grotto (Taroko Gorge): The most well-known attraction in the park. The combined forces of earthquake and river erosion take turns to form this amazing gorge. • Cimu Bridge: A perfect location to observe amazing white marble beside Liwu river. • Lushui Trail: 50 minutes trail with a gradual and easy slope. The middle part of the trail allows you to walk on the edge of a cliff. It’s railing protected to make this trail suitable for all ages. • Eternal Spring Shrine: Memorizing the loss of the heroes behind the establishment of Taroko National Park. An iconic spot full of history. • Qingshui Cliff: A must-visit spot with breathtaking cliff beside the Pacific Ocean.Please note that we may not follow the order to visit each attraction listed here, it depends on the traffic, weather and road condition. We remain the final decision to adjust the order. It's also possible that we may replace some of the attractions listed here with other attractions nearby if any of them is under maintenance or closed due to the damage from the weather. 

$58 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Hualien East Coast Full-Day Tour

Start of the day with a relaxing drive along the coast to Baqi Gazebo, where you will be presented with views of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountain ranges within one frame. Then, take a short hike up Dashibi Hill; a short trail situated right next to the coast. Following that, enjoy unique sights of paddy fields right next to the coast at Xinshe and volcanic wave-cut platforms at Shitiping.In the afternoon, after lunch, check out a secret spot which was used to film the movie ‘Silence.’ Then, explore the plains of the East Rift Valley. Enjoy unique ice cream flavors at the Guangfu sugar mill, then take a stroll in ‘Morisaka’; once a Japanese logging village in the 1920s. End of the day with a relaxing stroll along Liyu lake.Itinerary: • 09:00 Pick up [Pick up from your hotel/b&b/train station in Hualien City.] • 09:30 Baqi Gazebo • 10:00 Daishibi Hill • 11:00 Xinshe Coastal Rice Terraces • 11:30 Shitiping Scenic Area • 12:00 Lunch • 13:00 “Secret Spot” [The movie "沈默 - Silence"  mostly taken scenes here!] • 14:00 Guangfu Sugar Factory • 15:00 "Morisaka" Tree Logging Area [ Former largest logging operation in east Taiwan.] • 16:00 Liyu Lake • 17:30 Drop off [Drop off at your hotel/b&b in Hualien City.]

$410 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Hiking Tour in Taroko Gorge

 Day 1. • Pick-up from your hotel; bus from Taipei to Hualien (Taroko Gorge)  • Pass by Qingshui Cliff on the famous Suhua Highway coastal road • Shakadang Trail walk through scenic valley with impressive marble rocks • Night shrimp catching in a mountain river and BBQ dinner served on the riverbankDay 2: • Zhuilu Historic Trail hike, one of the most spectacular hikes in the world. A light lunch will be available on the way to the trail (A permit is needed to enter the area, limiting the number of visitors in order to preserve its quality) • Sampling local specialties at Hualien night marketDay 3. • Bus from Hualien to Yilan • In winter (October to March): King Car Whisky Distillery for a tour of the impressive facility. See exhibits about the whiskey distillation process, followed by a tasting of the Kavalan Whisky produced on-site • In summer (April to September) Go for a swim in beautiful Wai’ao Beach • Enjoy pleasant ocean views at the Wushi Harbor surfing beach in the afternoon • Back to Taipei