Lalashan Forest Reserve

Top choice forest in Baling

This 63.9 sq km expanse of mixed forest holds one of the largest stands of ancient red hinoki cypress trees left in Taiwan. The most ancient of the ancients is over 2800 years old, but there are a hundred more that are not much younger. A 3.7km wooden boardwalk winds through the dense forest, and interpretative signs indicate the age, species, height and diameter of each giant.

To get to the reserve by car, exit Hwy 7 at Lower Baling on to County Rd 116 and continue up a very steep road. About 4km past Upper Baling you'll reach the official start of the park (and if you are taking a bus this is as far as it will take you). From here it's another 2.7km to a car park. The trail begins just up from here and there's a small exhibition hall (open 9am to 6pm) at the start where you can pick up maps and information.