Canton of Zürich

Had enough art while you've been in Winterthur? What about a science session? Technorama is an extraordinary voyage into the multiple worlds of hands-on science. Encompassing four jam-packed floors of exhibits, it offers some 500 interactive experiences (explained in English, French, German and Italian) that can’t fail to fascinate kids, and plenty of adults too. Take bus 5 from the Hauptbahnhof. Swiss Museum Passes are not accepted.

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Nearby Canton of Zürich attractions

1. Sammlung Oskar Reinhart am Römerholz

1.55 MILES

The collection, housed in a charming country estate, is fascinating in the way it seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and modern art, juxtaposing…

2. Fotomuseum

1.74 MILES

The vast collection at Winterthur’s outstanding photography museum features great names and styles from the 19th century to the present, zooming in on…

3. Kunstmuseum

1.83 MILES

For a satisfying stroll through a solid collection of 19th- and 20th-century classics, head to Winterthur's city art museum. Many of the standard suspects…

4. Museum Oskar Reinhart am Stadtgarten

1.91 MILES

Reinhart’s 500-strong collection of Swiss, German and Austrian works of art from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries is displayed in this museum on the edge…

5. Schloss Kyburg

3.95 MILES

On a rocky spur above the Töss River, Schloss Kyburg, with its riot of turrets, is one of eastern Switzerland's most important medieval feudal castles,…

6. Klostermuseum St Georgen

10.95 MILES

This monastery museum sits between the Rathaus and the Rhine. A Benedictine monastery was built here in 1007, but what you see today, including the…

7. Rathausplatz

10.99 MILES

Often hailed as Switzerland’s most beautiful town square (no mean feat!), the elongated Rathausplatz often elicits little gasps of wonder because it's so…

8. Museum Lindwurm

11.03 MILES

A four-storey house has been converted into this museum, whose living rooms, servants’ quarters and kitchen replicate the conditions enjoyed in the mid…