The Munot medieval circular fortification in the center of Schaffhausen on the High Rhine in Switzerland.

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Top choice in Northeastern Switzerland

Steps lead up through terraced vineyards to this fine specimen of a 16th-century fortress. The unusual circular battlements were built with forced labour following the Reformation and conceal an atmospheric vaulted casemate. Climb the spiral staircase for views over a patchwork of rooftops and spires to the Rhine and wooded hills fringing the city.

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1. Allerheiligen Münster

0.21 MILES

Completed in 1103, Schaffhausen’s cathedral is a rare, largely intact specimen of the Romanesque style in Switzerland. It opens to a beautifully simple…

2. Museum zu Allerheiligen

0.23 MILES

Entered via the cathedral cloister, the Museum zu Allerheiligen showcases treasures from Schaffhausen fossils to Etruscan gold jewellery. The art…

3. Haus zum Ritter

0.24 MILES

The eye-catching Haus zum Ritter, built in 1492, boasts a detailed Renaissance-style fresco depicting a knight.

4. Vorstadt

0.27 MILES

Schaffhausen is often nicknamed the Erkerstadt because of its 171 Erker (oriel bay windows), once a status symbol of rich merchants. Some of the most…

5. Zum Grossen Käfig

0.27 MILES

The frescos of 16th-century Zum Grossen Käfig present an extraordinarily colourful tale of the parading of Turkish sultan Bajazet in a cage by the…

6. Zum Goldenen Ochsen

0.28 MILES

The 17th-century Zum Goldenen Ochsen has a frescoed facade displaying an eponymous Golden Ox.

7. Fronwagplatz


At the very heart of the Altstadt lies this square, flanked by ornate facades. The 16th-century Mohrenbrunnen marks the northern end of the old…

8. Mohrenbrunnen


The 16th-century Mohrenbrunnen (Moor's Fountain) marks the north end of the old marketplace. The polychrome statue shows the Moorish king Caspar, one of…