Northeastern Switzerland

At the very heart of the Altstadt lies this square, flanked by ornate facades. The 16th-century Mohrenbrunnen marks the northern end of the old marketplace, while at the southern end stands the Metzgerbrunnen, a William Tell–type figure and a large clock tower. Facing the latter is the late-baroque Herrenstube, built in 1748, which was once the drinking hole of quaffing nobles.

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1. Metzgerbrunnen

0.01 MILES

Marking the southern end of Fronwagplatz, the 16th-century Butcher's Fountain depicts a gallant-looking soldier bearing a sword and a shield emblazoned…

2. Herrenstube

0.02 MILES

The late-baroque Herrenstube was built in 1748 and was once the drinking hole of quaffing nobles.

3. Mohrenbrunnen

0.03 MILES

The 16th-century Mohrenbrunnen (Moor's Fountain) marks the north end of the old marketplace. The polychrome statue shows the Moorish king Caspar, one of…

4. Haus zum Ritter

0.07 MILES

The eye-catching Haus zum Ritter, built in 1492, boasts a detailed Renaissance-style fresco depicting a knight.

5. Herrenacker

0.08 MILES

Framed by pastel-coloured houses with steep tiled roofs, this is one of Schaffhausen’s prettiest squares. In August it’s an atmospheric backdrop for music…

6. Zum Goldenen Ochsen

0.09 MILES

The 17th-century Zum Goldenen Ochsen has a frescoed facade displaying an eponymous Golden Ox.

7. Vorstadt

0.14 MILES

Schaffhausen is often nicknamed the Erkerstadt because of its 171 Erker (oriel bay windows), once a status symbol of rich merchants. Some of the most…

8. Allerheiligen Münster

0.16 MILES

Completed in 1103, Schaffhausen’s cathedral is a rare, largely intact specimen of the Romanesque style in Switzerland. It opens to a beautifully simple…