Stiftung Langmatt

Top choice in Northwestern Switzerland

This gorgeous little museum is an ensemble of art, architecture and botany, housing a cornucopia of French impressionist art in a stately home surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. For your very own déjeuner sur l'herbe, pre-order one of the museum's picnic baskets (Picknick-Korb) to enjoy out on the lawn (two-/four-person basket including museum admission Sfr110/200).

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1. Altstadt

0.54 MILES

The Old Town is adorned by a fetching covered timber bridge (Holzbrücke), cobbled lanes and an assortment of step-gabled houses.

2. Stadtturm

0.57 MILES

This beautifully restored medieval tower is one of Switzerland's most impressive. You can only get inside as part of a city tour, conducted by Info Baden…

3. Schweizer Kindermuseum

0.82 MILES

Occupying 20 rooms of a former mansion, this hands-on museum with a focus on educating kids about genealogy and generations past is a fun, free-for-all…

4. Schloss Habsburg

6.05 MILES

This vertical stone fortress, 13km west of Baden, wouldn't be out of place in Arthurian legend or a Monty Python sketch. Schloss Habsburg was built in…

5. Schloss Wildegg

7.67 MILES

Set amid a working farm with gardens and orchards, Schloss Wildegg crowns a green hilltop about 12km northeast of Aarau. Guests can wander at liberty…

6. Schloss Lenzburg

8.67 MILES

Dominating a leafy hilltop above Lenzburg village, 14km east of Aarau, this attractive castle houses three museums inside its tower and one-time dungeon:…

7. Schweizer Finanz Museum

11.27 MILES

If you're intrigued to find out more about what makes Switzerland tick financially, this museum, which opened in Zürich-West in summer 2017, is bang on…

8. Museum für Gestaltung

11.46 MILES

Consistently impressive and wide-ranging, the revolving exhibitions at this design museum can include anything from works by classic photographers such as…