Église Collégiale


The interior of the largely Gothic Église Collégiale is a mix of Romanesque elements (notably the triple apse). Facing the main entrance is a statue of Guillaume Farel, who brought the Reformation to town, after which the cathedral was obliged to swap sides. Behind the church is 15th-century Château de Neuchâtel, a castle with a pretty courtyard.

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Nearby Neuchâtel attractions

1. Old Town

0.06 MILES

The Old Town streets are peppered with 18th-century mansions and decorative fountains. Heading uphill along Rue du Château, walk through the medieval city…

2. Fontaine du Banneret

0.08 MILES

This elaborate, ornate fountain features a banner-wielding knight standing atop a pillar with lots of gold-leaf detail. The Fontaine de la Justice is of…

3. Prison Tower


Heading uphill along Rue du Château, walk through the medieval city gate to view the Tour des Prisons, Neuchâtel's oldest structure, with foundations that…

4. Fontaine de la Justice

0.11 MILES

One of two fanciful fountains featuring gold-leaf galore that can be found in Neuchâtel's Old Town (the other is the Fontaine du Banneret). It features a…

5. Musée d’Art et d’Histoire


The museum is notable for three clockwork androids made between 1764 and 1774 by watchmaker Jaquet Droz. The Writer can be programmed to dip his pen in an…

6. Laténium

2.33 MILES

This impressive modern museum and adjacent archaeological park, 3km northeast of Neuchâtel on the waterfront in Hauterive, is the largest of its kind in…

7. Mt Chaumont

2.77 MILES

Soak up views across the three lakes to the Alps from Mt Chaumont (1160m), a ride on bus 7 from Neuchâtel to La Coudre then a 12-minute funicular ride up…

8. Vue-des-Alpes

6.09 MILES

About 8km south of La Chaux-de-Fonds, just off Rte N20, Vue-des-Alpes (1283m) is a mountain pass popular for its two 7.3km and 11km mountain-bike loop…