Gravfälten på Sollerön

Lake Siljan

Head to Sollerö Hembygdsgård for a map and local knowledge on how best to explore this fragile, historical site featuring a 3km walking trail among ancient burial mounds. You'll need a good sense of imagination to truly appreciate the place, which the untrained eye could pass off as ordinary fields. Bus 323 from Mora (30kr, 40 minutes) will take you there.

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1. Sollerö Hembygdsgård

0.12 MILES

Begin your explorations of Gravfälten på Sollerön from this 19th century Sollerö farm where you'll also find a viking ship and locals to point you in the…

2. Vasaloppsmuseet

6.29 MILES

Even if you have no interest in skiing, you may be pleasantly surprised by the excellent Vasaloppsmuseet, which really communicates the passion behind the…

3. Zornmuseet

6.34 MILES

Zornmuseet displays many of the best-loved portraits and characteristic nudes of Mora painter Anders Zorn (1860–1920), one of Sweden’s most renowned…

4. Zorngården

6.35 MILES

The Zorn family house, Zorngården, is an excellent example of a wealthy artist’s residence and reflects Anders Zorn’s National Romantic aspirations (check…

5. Naturum Dalarna

12.36 MILES

This visitor centre and nature park, 16km northwest of Leksand, has information about the meteor that hit several million years ago and local flora and…

6. Rättviks Gammelgård

16.17 MILES

You can get your open-air-museum fix at Rättviks gammelgård, 500m north of the kyrka – it’s a collection of buildings that were moved here during the…

7. Rättviks Kyrka

16.34 MILES

The 13th-century church has 87 well-preserved church stables, the oldest dating from 1470. The pseudo-rune memorial beside the church commemorates the…

8. Långbryggan

16.69 MILES

Scandinavia’s longest wooden pier, the impressive 628m Långbryggan, runs out into the lake from just behind the train station.