A boat pulls up at the entrance to the Grona Lund Tivoli fun park in Stockholm.

Gröna Lund Tivoli

Djurgården & Skeppsholmen

Crowded Gröna Lund Tivoli has some 30 rides, ranging from the tame (a German circus carousel) to the terrifying (the Free Fall, where you drop from a height of 80m in six seconds after glimpsing a lovely, if brief, view over Stockholm). There are countless places to eat and drink in the park, but whether you’ll keep anything down is another matter entirely. The Åkband day pass gives unlimited rides, or individual rides range from 25kr to 75kr.

Big-name concerts are often staged here in summer (admission free after 6pm if you're going to a concert). Gröna Lund is a stop on the Slussen–Djurgården ferry.

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