Smögen Fish Auction


Fishing boats unload their catches of prawns, lobsters and fish at the Smögen harbour. You can score some über-fresh shellfish if you get to the small fish auction early enough; the big one happens online these days.

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Nearby Bohuslän attractions

1. Hållö

1.25 MILES

This small, rocky, windswept island is home to a historic lighthouse and a number of bird species. Its otherworldly landscape is great for photographers,…

2. Stångehuvud Nature Reserve

8.89 MILES

Out at the tip of the Stångenäs peninsula, the Stångehuvud Nature Reserve, crammed with coastal rock slab, is worth a stop for its secluded bathing spots…

3. Havets Hus

9.43 MILES

Havets Hus is an excellent aquarium with sea life from Gullmarn, Sweden’s only true fjord, which cuts past Lysekil. Peer at such cold-water beauties as…

4. Nordens Ark

9.76 MILES

Snow leopards, wolves and lynxes prowl Nordens Ark, a well-conceived safari park 12km northeast of Smögen. It shows off animals and plants from countries…

5. Fiskebäckskil

11.14 MILES

Passenger/cyclist-only ferry 847 (25kr) crosses the Gullmarn fjord roughly hourly to Fiskebäckskil, of the cute cobbled streets and wood-clad houses. The…

6. Käringön

17.6 MILES

This picture-perfect island boasts plenty of good swimming holes, some complete with floats and trampolines for the enjoyment of those frolicking in the…

7. Vitlycke Museum

24.4 MILES

If you’re bewildered by the long-armed men, sexual imagery and goat-drawn chariots of Bohuslän's prolific Bronze Age rock carvings, drop by Vitlycke…

8. Nordiska Akvarellmuseet

27.74 MILES

Skärhamn is home to the superb Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, a sleek waterside building housing exhibits by the likes of Arne Isacsson, whose watercolors…