Apoteket Lejonet


At the southeastern corner of Stortorget, the city’s oldest pharmacy (still in business) flaunts an exquisite art-nouveau interior, with carved wooden shelves, antique medicine bottles and a glass-plated ceiling.

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1. Rådhuset

0.06 MILES

The city hall, dating from 1546, has undergone some notable renovations. It's used for administrative and civil functions and not open for visitors, as…

2. Gamla Staden


Focusing on the area around Stortorget (the town square) and lively Lilla Torget (the little square) Malmö's Old Town is a gorgeous warren of cobblestone…

3. Länsresidenset i Malmö


Although the bones of this attractive building on Stortorget were built in the 1600s, its stuccoed facade dates from 1849. The building is owned by the…

4. Sankt Petri Kyrka


This red-brick Gothic beast is Malmö’s oldest church, built in the early 14th century. Protestant zealots whitewashed the medieval frescoes in 1555, but…

5. Kockska Huset

0.14 MILES

Kockska Huset (1524) is a stately pile that mayor Jörgen Kock had built for himself; it’s said that Gustav Vasa stayed here when he came to town. The…

6. Form/Design Center

0.14 MILES

Ingeniously more of a shopping arcade disguised as a museum, the Form/Design Center is still an impressive showcase of design, architecture and art,…

7. Rosenvingeskahuset

0.18 MILES

This magnificent building dates from 1535 when it was the residence of a Danish and Norwegian noble family. It can only be viewed from the outside.

8. Moderna Museet Malmö

0.31 MILES

Architects Tham & Videgård chose to make the most of the distinct 1901 Rooseum, once a power-generating turbine hall, by adding a contemporary annexe,…