Ljugarn is a small east-coast seaside resort. There are impressive raukar formations at Folhammar Nature Reserve, 2km north. Southwest of Ljugarn and the village of Alskog, the imposing Garde church has four extraordinary medieval lychgates and an upside-down medieval key in the door; the original 12th-century roof is still visible.

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Nearby Gotland attractions

1. Torsburgen

5.22 MILES

Torsburgen, 9km north of Ljugarn, is a partly walled hill fort (the largest in Scandinavia) measuring 5km around its irregular perimeter.

2. Leonettes Konst & Keramik

7.43 MILES

Around 20km north of Ljugarn on the island's eastern seabord, in the hamlet of Kräklingbo, Leonettes Konst & Keramik is home to Californian expat Dan…

3. Lojsta Träsk

11.19 MILES

Stop off at Lojsta to see the deepest lakes in Gotland, the remains of an early medieval fortress and a fine church.

4. Uggarde Rojr

14.65 MILES

On the eastern coast near Ronehamn, Uggarderojr is a huge, late–Bronze Age cairn with nearby traces of settlement. The cairn, probably a navigation marker…

5. Romakloster

15.36 MILES

Heading southeast from Visby on Rte 143, 6km southwest of the town Dalhem on your way to Ljugarn, pull over to check out this 12th-century Cistercian…

6. Gothem Kyrka

16.54 MILES

On the east coast, 34km from Visby, Gothem church is one of the most impressive in Gotland; the nave is decorated with friezes dating from 1300.

7. Tjelvars grav

20.19 MILES

About 42km east of Visby you'll find this fascinating and definitely thought-provoking scene of Bronze Age standing stones arranged in the shape of a ship…

8. Bro Kyrka

24.57 MILES

If you’re heading northeast, visit the remarkable Bro church, which has several 5th-century picture stones in the south wall of the oratory, beautiful…