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Situated off Sweden's southeastern coast, Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea (2994 sq km in diameter). It is also one of the country's most beautiful destinations, its tranquil, sparsely populated landscapes almost haunting in their beauty. Archaeological finds attest to a human history that predates the Christian tradition, stretching back some 8000 years.

The island's protagonist is its capital, Visby. A Unesco World Heritage Site, its old city walls remain almost completely intact, catapulting visitors back to the era of knights in shining armour. Not surprisingly, it's the perfect backdrop for the island's annual Medieval Week, during which both locals and visitors dress the part for some time-frozen revelry.

Beyond Visby, wheels are essential for exploring the island's diverse landscapes, which span sandy shores and secluded coves, to golden, grassy meadows and sleepy little hamlets.

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