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If visiting from abroad, don't be surprised if locals ask you, 'Why Eskilstuna, of all places?' as for them, their hometown might seem not unlike any other small Swedish city, with its well-ordered suburbs that won't strike you as particularly out of the ordinary. Although the question is valid, how you answer it might remind them of the significance of what lies on their very doorstep.

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Lake Mälaren Tour from Stockholm

Join us on a venture in to the heart of Sweden, the Lake Malaren region. Just outside of Stockholm a new country and another Sweden opens up. A peaceful countryside landscape filled with ancient cultural heritage lays at your feet. You are picked up at your Stockholm hotel, cruise port or the airports and then we travel in a minivan or small bus. The group is maximum 20 persons. 3-day Tour Plan in approximate chronological order.Day 1 • Visit to Taxinge palace.Taxinge is known for having a huge set of cakes that they bake and sell to the café guests. If you have a sweet tooth, then your visit here will be well fed. The cakes are very big compared to most Swedish cafés. You will also have the time to walk around the palace. • Visit to Gripsholms palace and Mariefred.Gripsholm is one of Sweden’s royal palaces and contains a lot of history. Hear about the life of Swedish royalty and admire the splendid richness of Sweden’s 17th century imperial era. Mariefred is one of the best preserved Swedish wooden towns, looking a lot like it did 200 years ago.  • Visit to SträngnäsAnother well preserved wooden town and a religious stronghold for the Swedish church. See one of the mightiest churches in Sweden, the Strängnäs cathedral.DAY 2. • Torshälla, Eskilstuna and the Sigurd carving.In the city of Eskilstuna we will visit a outdoor museum where traditional craftsmen are working on crafting beautiful things out of iron. Learn about life in the past.We visit Torshälla, a little well preserved town originally from the medieval age. We take in the beautiful wooden houses and learn about the town on a walk.The sigurd carving is one of Sweden’s most mythical Viking age monuments, a carved runic stone tell the legend about Sigurd Fafnesbane – a dragon slayer! • Stora Sundby palaceIn despite of not being open to the public, this is a wonder just from the outside. The palace is built like a calendar. 365 windows, 52 rooms, 12 small towers and 4 large towers. • Julita gårdAn outdoor experienced-oriented museum showing you Swedish life just before the industrial revolution.DAY 3 • VästeråsIn the modern more urban city of Västerås you get the chance to do some shopping but can also visit their cathedral. • AnundshögArguably Sweden’s most amazing Viking age sight. Here we have great rings of stones formed as Viking ships and the biggest burial mounds in the whole country. Anundshög function has a mighty assembly site where Viking lords ruled the society. • Bronze age landscape around EnköpingEnköping is one of Sweden’s most bronze age dense communities, we will visit Boglösa where many rock carvings dedicated to gods are found.