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Jamtli, 1km north of the centre, consists of two parts: the open-air museum, comprising painstakingly reconstructed wooden buildings, complete with enthusiastic guides wearing 19th-century period costume; and the indoor museum, home to the Överhogdal Tapestries, the oldest of their kind in Europe – Christian Viking relics from AD 1100 that feature animals, people, ships and dwellings. Another fascinating display is devoted to Storsjöodjuret (the lake monster), including taped interviews with those who claim they have seen it, monster-catching gear and a pickled monster embryo.

Outside, you can stroll the paths around the bakery, smithy, woodman’s cottage and 18th-century farm, and take part in milking, baking, tree felling and more. Kids can get acquainted with different farm animals, run wild in the playground or ride a children’s railway.

The museum is located around a 10-minute walk from the centre along Kyrkgatan; alternatively you can hop on bus 2, which also departs from Kyrkgatan.

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