On April 1, Sweden will lift its entry ban on non-essential travel from outside the European Union (EU), which means that travel restrictions on people coming from countries such as the US, the UK and Australia, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer apply.

The decision lift the entry ban on travelers was announced by the Swedish Ministry of Justice on Friday.

"We have already lifted the entry ban within the EU. Now the government has decided not to extend the entry ban from third countries. This will make it much easier for everyone who has been prevented from coming to Sweden in recent years due to the pandemic," Sweden's minister for justice and home affairs, Morgan Johansson, said about the decision.

Everything you need to know before your vacation in Sweden

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Previously on February 9, Sweden removed all entry restrictions on travelers from other European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status. On April, the rest of the world will join them.

This means all COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted at the border and people will no longer have to present proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter, no matter where they're coming from.

What are Sweden's current entry rules?

Until April 1, people who are traveling to Sweden from outside the EU/EEA must continue to show proof of vaccination or present a compelling reason to travel in order to bypass Sweden's entry bans. They also need to show proof of a negative PCR or antigen test (taken no more than 72 hours before entry).

This floating tree house in Sweden surrounded by bird boxes is not your average hotel room

Sweden's neighbors Denmark and Norway have also lifted restrictions on non-EU travelers, though Finland still requires people from outside the EU to present proof of vaccination or a recovery certificate to cross its borders.

On the ground, domestic pandemic restrictions were lifted in Sweden on February 9, including the requirement to wear face masks and to present vaccination certificates to enter bars and restaurants. Tourists attractions such as museums, theaters, and amusement parks are operating at full capacity.

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