Andrew Montgomery

Western Mallorca

'A sky like turquoise, a sea like lapis lazuli, mountains like emerald, air like heaven', enthused Romantic composer Chopin of his new home Valldemossa in 1838. His words ring true almost two centuries later in western Mallorca.

The Serra de Tramuntana range ripples all along the west coast, surveying the Mediterranean from above. Skirted by olive groves and pine forest, its razorback limestone mountains plunge 1000m down to the sea like the ramparts of some epic island fortress. Whether you hike their highland trails, bike their serpentine roads and steep inclines, or breeze along the cliff-flanked coastline by boat, these mountains will sweep you off your feet with their beauty and drama.

Some of the island's loveliest towns and villages perch high on hilltops and deep in verdant valleys, with grandstand mountains and sea views. Wander their higgledy-piggledy lanes and be smitten, like so many artists, poets and celebrities before you.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Western Mallorca.