Plaza del Torico


Wandering around Teruel you're bound to arrive before long at this gently sloping, cafe-lined plaza that is the unquestioned centre of town. At its lower end the city's symbol, a tiny bronze bull called El Torico, just 35cm high and of unknown authorship, has stood on top of its tall stone column since 1865.

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1. Aljibe Fondero

0.01 MILES

Off the southeastern corner of Plaza del Torico is the entrance to this 14th-century underground water-storage facility. In addition to showcasing the…

2. Torre de San Pedro

0.04 MILES

Attached to the church of the same name and accessed via the Mausoleo de Los Amantes, this is the oldest of Teruel's four classic Mudéjar towers, dating…

3. Iglesia de San Pedro

0.05 MILES

Adjoining the Los Amantes mausoleum and usually visited in combination with it, the 14th-century Mudéjar Iglesia de San Pedro has colourful murals and a…

4. Fundación Amantes

0.05 MILES

Teruel's most popular attraction pulls out the stops on the city's famous legend of the tragic 13th-century lovers (amantes) Isabel and Juan Diego. The…

6. Torre de El Salvador

0.08 MILES

The most impressive of Teruel's Mudéjar towers, 40m-tall El Salvador is an early-14th-century extravaganza of brick and ceramics built on the model of an…

7. Museo de Arte Sacro

0.09 MILES

Adjacent to the cathedral, the Museo de Arte Sacro is housed in the stately Palacio Episcopal and has two floors of outstanding religious paintings and…

8. Museo de Teruel


The provincial museum, in a 16th-century Renaissance palace, has six floors of very well-presented exhibits. The sections on ceramics (with some superbly…