Versos Microbodega

Castilla y León

This excellent little boutique winery produces some lovely reds and an intriguing white. With prior notice, it opens for tastings and for tours of the winery that dates back to 1846. It also has an excellent restaurant (menú de degustación €25).

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Nearby Castilla y León attractions

1. Granadilla

17.53 MILES

About 25km west of Hervás, the ghost village of Granadilla is a beguiling reminder of how Extremadura's villages must have looked before modernisation…

2. Museo de la Moto Clásica

20.03 MILES

Set in distinctive conical-roofed buildings 200m north of the river, this museum offers great views and an eclectic collection of classic 20th-century…

3. Museo Pérez Comendador-Leroux

20.14 MILES

Within an impressive 18th-century mansion, the Museo Pérez Com­endador-Leroux houses works by Hervás-born, 20th-century sculptor Enrique Pérez Comendador…

4. Barrio Judío

20.24 MILES

Hervás houses Extremadura's best surviving barrio judío (Jewish quarter), whose narrow streets extend down to the river. This neighbourhood thrived until…

5. Museo de la Industria Chacinera

20.84 MILES

Despite the rather functional name, this interactive museum is dedicated to jamón and nothing but. In the first room, videos demonstrate the production of…

7. Yacimiento Romano de Cáparra

24.64 MILES

Unearthed in 1929, the fascinating, substantial remains of the once-splendid Roman city of Cáparra mostly date to around the 1st century. Initially…

8. Iglesia de San Pedro & San Isidro

25.23 MILES

The fusion of 12th-century Romanesque-Mudéjar elements with later Gothic modifications makes this church worth seeking out. Don't miss the porticoes in…