View from Ciudad Rodrigo walls.

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Top choice in Castilla y León

There are numerous stairs leading up onto the crumbling ramparts of the city walls that encircle the old town and which were built between the 12th and 15th centuries. You can follow their length for about 2.2km around the town and enjoy fabulous views.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Castilla y León attractions

1. Museo del Orinal

0.04 MILES

Chamber pots, commodes, bed pans…Ciudad Rodrigo’s Museo del Orinal may be located opposite the cathedral, but its theme is definitely more down to earth…

2. Catedral de Santa María

0.06 MILES

This elegant, weathered sandstone cathedral, begun in 1165, towers over the historic centre. Of particular interest are the Puerta de las Cadenas, with…

3. Palacio de los Ávila y Tiedra

0.16 MILES

The 16th-century Palacio de los Ávila y Tiedra boasts one of the town’s most engaging plateresque facades – it's the pick of a handful of fine examples…

4. Plaza Mayor

0.21 MILES

The long, sloping Plaza Mayor is a fine centrepiece for this beautiful town. At the top of the hill, the double-storey arches of the Casa Consistorial are…

5. Iglesia de San Pedro & San Isidro

0.29 MILES

The fusion of 12th-century Romanesque-Mudéjar elements with later Gothic modifications makes this church worth seeking out. Don't miss the porticoes in…

6. Casa de los Vázquez

0.29 MILES

Even if you've nothing to post, the correos (post office) is worth stopping by to admire the magnificent artesonado (wooden Mudéjar ceiling), stained…

7. Siega Verde

9.41 MILES

This Unesco World Heritage–listed archaeological site has 645 prehistoric rock carvings of animals and ancient symbols – it's one of the richest such…