Iglesia de Santa Ana


Known as the Cathedral of Triana, the 13th-century Iglesia de Santa Ana was the first church built in Seville after the 1248 Reconquista. Architecturally, it’s Gothic-Mudéjar in style, with a high, vaulted interior and a wealth of religious imagery – look for statues of Santa Rufina and Santa Justa, Christian martyrs who were potters from this barrio. The saints are often depicted with the Giralda, which they allegedly saved during the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

A strange tradition has it that every woman who kicks ‘El Negro’, a 16th-century tomb decorated with painted ceramic tiles depicting a recumbent knight, will find a husband. Now the tomb, whose tiles are the first known work in Seville by famous tile-painter Niculoso Pîsano, is protected by a glass case.

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