Cala Santanyí

Southern Mallorca

Cala Santanyí's popular but not overcrowded beach is the star in a scenic show that also includes a gorgeous, cliff-lined cove and impossibly cobalt-coloured waters. The beach sits at the bottom of a ravine of sorts where there is a car park (it's a stiff walk or cycle ride back to the resort centre). A small path leads along the coast, where the natural rock arch El Pontàs rises out of the surf. This is a popular spot to snorkel.

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1. Es Pontàs

0.33 MILES

One of the top photo-ops on the south coast, this natural arch in between Cala Santanyí and Cala Llombards is a simply stunning sight. If you're fortunate…

2. Cala Llombards


A petite cove defined by rough rock walls topped with pines, Cala Llombards is a truly beautiful place. A beach-hut bar and sun loungers shaded by palm…

3. Cala Mondragó

2.71 MILES

Surrounded by coves, dunes and low hills, served by a bar and restaurant and blessed with clear, calm waters, this protected blue-flag beach has most…

4. Botanicactus

4.37 MILES

Just outside Ses Salines is Botanicactus, Mallorca's largest botanical garden. Not just given over to cacti, its 15 hectares bristle with palms, bamboo…

5. Poblat Talaiòtic dels Antigors

4.82 MILES

About 1km south of Ses Salines (follow the signposts off the road to Colònia de Sant Jordi) is this neglected archaeological site. There's no visitors'…

6. Cap de Ses Salines


Follow the Ma6110 highway 9km south of Llombards to reach the Cap de Ses Salines, a beautiful bluff on Mallorca's southernmost tip with a lighthouse (Far…

7. Platja de Ses Roquetes

7.04 MILES

This broad stretch of white sand is lapped by clear, shallow waters, and looks across to a scattering of small islands. Nudism is allowed.

8. Castell de Santueri

7.37 MILES

This clifftop castle, whose proud walls rise seamlessly from a craggy natural peak, offers spectacular views, extending southeast far out to sea. The…