Casita Verde

South Ibiza

Established in 1996 this ecological education centre enjoys an idyllic rural location. It functions as an experiential centre for permaculture techniques, and is also the headquarters of the environmental charity Greenheart Ibiza. Visitors are welcome (Sundays only) for two-hour tours, live music, fresh juices and vegetarian lunches (until 4pm). Lunches are free with a compulsory one-off membership (€10). It's 9km southwest of Sant Rafel, and tricky to find; check the website.

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1. Església de Sant Rafel

2.28 MILES

Built in the late 18th century, Sant Rafel's typically Ibizan church is perched on a hilltop 300m southeast of the village's main street, surrounded by…

2. Can Rich

3.37 MILES

In the Buscastell region, 4km east of Sant Antoni, this respected, prize-winning winery sprawls across 21 hectares, producing fine reds, whites and rosés,…

3. Ibizkus

3.71 MILES

About 3km southwest of Santa Gertrudis, Ibizkus is a major Ibizan winemaker (60,000 bottles a year), producing premium rosés and a few reds from old,…

4. Sant Antoni Promenade

3.94 MILES

San An's extensive harbourside promenade now stretches around the entire coastline from Caló des Moro in the north to south past the Punta des Molí…

5. Església de Sant Jordi

3.96 MILES

Incongruously located in the suburbs 4km southwest of Ibiza Town, the fortress-like Església de Sant Jordi is well worth a quick diversion. A chapel has…

6. Figueretes

4.09 MILES

Southwest of Dalt Vila, the slender bay of the Figueretes neighbourhood is the closest patch of sand to Ibiza Town, with a palm-lined promenade and…

8. Església de Sant Antoni

4.22 MILES

There has been a church on this spot since 1305, but the existing structure dates mainly from the 17th century. You approach the church through a lovely…