Església de Sant Esteve

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This graceful late-Romanesque church stands just outside Peratallada's historic centre, on the north edge of town.

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1. Església de Sant Pere


Tucked into the northwest corner of Pals' walled medieval quarter, this attractive church is believed to have existed since the late 10th century, though…

2. Torre de les Hores

2.83 MILES

Pals' main monument is the 15m-high Romanesque Torre de les Hores, originally part of a castle; its 16th-century bell still rings today. Climb to the top…

3. Castell de Montgrí

5.43 MILES

The Castell de Montgrí was built between 1294 and 1301 for King Jaume II, during his efforts to bring to heel the disobedient counts of Empúries, to the…

4. Museu del Suro

5.72 MILES

This surprisingly large, modern museum within a 20th-century factory has audiovisual displays detailing Catalonia's cork industry. Cutting and branding…

5. Sant Martí de Palafrugell

5.73 MILES

The incomplete multipointed turret of this fine Gothic construction extends skywards like a crown above central Palafrugell. Old documents state that a…

7. Castell de Púbol

6.02 MILES

If you’re intrigued by artist Salvador Dalí, the Castell de Púbol is an essential piece of the puzzle. Between Girona and Palafrugell (22km northwest of…

8. Cala Illa Roja


Wander 1km north from Sa Riera to reach this ruby-tinged cove, used by some as a nudist beach and with spectacular rock formations gracing the sand.