Círculo de Bellas Artes

Palma de Mallorca

The 'Circle of Fine Arts', an organisation with roots in the Civil War era, is devoted to nurturing literature and the fine arts in Palma. Casal Balaguer – a largely baroque mansion on the site of a 13th-century original – is the handsome home of this now-venerable institution. Long neglected, it has been extensively renovated, and now houses exhibition spaces, a museum, library and performance spaces.

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1. Can Balaguer

0.02 MILES

One of Palma's most emblematic buildings, the permanent exhibition, entitled La Casa Posible, re-creates rooms of this former noble house from 1600–1951…

2. Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra

0.07 MILES

The big Balearic building society, Sa Nostra, runs this cultural foundation in Can Castelló, where it stages exhibitions, performances and talks. Keep an…

3. Església de Sant Jaume

0.08 MILES

Despite its baroque facade, this is one of Palma's older surviving Gothic churches. This grey soaring eminence is one of the first four parish churches to…

4. Casal Solleric


This grand 18th-century baroque mansion with the typical Palma courtyard of graceful broad arches and uneven stone paving is at once a cultural centre…

5. Passeig d’es Born

0.11 MILES

One of Palma's most appealing boulevards, Passeig d’es Born is capped by Plaça del Rei Joan Carles I (named after the present king and formerly after Pope…

6. Centre Cultural Contemporani Pelaires

0.11 MILES

This private cultural centre – Palma's first dedicated contemporary-art space – is as interesting for its architecture as for its ever-changing…

7. Galeria K

0.12 MILES

This innovative little commercial gallery presents Spanish and European painters, sculptors, photographers and printmakers.

8. La Caja Blanca

0.13 MILES

Inspired by contemporary-art spaces in London, the 'White Box' showcases edgy Mallorcan and international artists in a stark, minimalist space. It stages…