Semana Santa

Top choice religious in Lorca

If you're from Lorca, you’re probably passionately Blanco (White) or Azul (Blue), the colours of the two major brotherhoods that have competed since 1855 to see who can stage the most lavish Semana Santa display. Lorca’s Easter parades are very distinctive; while still deeply reverential, they’re full of colour and vitality, mixing figures from antiquity and Old Testament tales with the Passion story.

Each brotherhood has a statue of the Virgin (one draped in a blue mantle, the other in white, naturally), a banner and a spectacular museum (Museo de Bordados del Paso Azul and Museo de Bordados del Paso Blanco). The result of this intense and mostly genial year-round rivalry is just about the most dramatic Semana Santa you’ll see anywhere in Spain. Processions feature horses, theatrical set pieces, colourful characters – gods, emperors and heroes – stirring music and plenty of emotion.