Museo Arqueológico Municipal


Built above a late-Roman cemetery with a rich display of Carthaginian, Roman, Visigoth and Islamic artefacts. To get here, head northwest of the city centre, via Calle La Palma.

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1. Parque Arqueológico Molinete

1.04 MILES

The central Molinete hill has archaeological remains ranging from the Phoenicians to Republicans in the civil war. Strolling over and around it reveals…

2. Barrio del Foro Romano

1.08 MILES

Set alongside the Molinete hill are the evocative remains of a whole town block and street linking the port with the forum, dating from the 1st century BC…

3. Gran Hotel


The zinc-domed Modernista Gran Hotel is particularly magnificent. Only the facade remains of this 1917 classic, but it's impressive.

4. Casa Llagostera

1.14 MILES

The Modernista Casa Llagostera is one of several works in town by the architect Víctor Beltrí. At time of writing the facade was covered while the…

5. Palacio Aguirre

1.17 MILES

The splendid Palacio Aguirre is now an exhibition space for modern art (known as Muram).

6. Casa de la Fortuna

1.18 MILES

The Casa de la Fortuna consists of the fascinating remains of an aristocratic Roman villa dating back to the 1st century BC, complete with some well…

7. Muralla Púnica

1.18 MILES

The Muralla Púnica, built around a section of the old Punic wall, concentrates on the town’s Carthaginian and Roman legacy. It also contains the…

8. Casa Cervantes

1.21 MILES

Cartagena is rich in Modernista buildings such as Casa Cervantes, which was designed by Víctor Beltrí in the last years of the 19th century. It's now a…