Castillo de la Concepción


For a sweeping panoramic view, stride up to Castillo de la Concepción, or hop on the lift. Within the castle’s gardens, decorated by strutting peacocks, the Centro de Interpretación de la Historia de Cartagena offers a potted history of Cartagena through the centuries via audio screens and a 10-minute film (in English and Spanish).

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1. Museo Refugio de la Guerra Civil

0.05 MILES

Cartagena, as base of the Republican fleet and with an important arms industry, was the target of heavy bombing during the Spanish Civil War. This…

3. Casa de la Fortuna

0.13 MILES

The Casa de la Fortuna consists of the fascinating remains of an aristocratic Roman villa dating back to the 1st century BC, complete with some well…

4. Casa Clares

0.17 MILES

Among Cartagena's Modernista buildings, the strawberries-and-cream confection of Casa Clares is particularly magnificent. It now holds a cafe and offices,…

6. Palacio Aguirre


The splendid Palacio Aguirre is now an exhibition space for modern art (known as Muram).

7. Museo del Teatro Romano

0.21 MILES

This impressive complex was designed by top Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The tour transports visitors from the initial museum on Plaza del Ayuntamiento…

8. Palacio Consistorial

0.23 MILES

Without too many whimsical flourishes, this Modernista town hall, set back from the waterfront, imposes itself on the heart of town. Drop into the…