Cala Tuent

Serra de Tramuntana

To skip the Sa Calobra crowds, follow a turn-off west, some 2km before Sa Calobra, to reach Cala Tuent, a tranquil emerald-green inlet in the shadow of Puig Major, with a single tall pine tree right by the beach. The broad pebble and shingle beach is backed by a couple of houses and a great, green bowl of vegetation that climbs up the mountain flanks. Cars park alongside the road near the beach, but things can get tight.

The road ends in a loop so you can turn around and head back up. About 200m back from the beach, a turn-off leads 1.5km to Es Vergeret, signposted as 'restaurant'.

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Nearby Serra de Tramuntana attractions

1. Sa Calobra

1.46 MILES

Past the turning to Cala Tuent, the road winds down to this small and undeniably attractive white-pebble cove, but it's a coach-fest during the summer…

2. Puig Major

2.44 MILES

Mallorca's tallest peak (1445m) can be seen from all round these parts. It's topped with a globular radar station, built by the US.

3. Mirador de Ses Barques

4.36 MILES

The viewpoint of Mirador de Ses Barques, about 6km above Fornalutx, has phenomenal views all the way down to Port de Sóller; the restaurant here is handy…

4. Ajuntament

4.37 MILES

A minute's walk from the square, pop into the old town hall with its cool courtyard dominated by a palm tree. Outside, water runs along one of several…

6. Plaça d’Espanya

4.39 MILES

The communal heart of the village, this gorgeous square is flanked on one side by the magnificent steps up to the church, the side wall of which occupies…

7. Platja d’es Port

5.21 MILES

At the heart of the Port de Sóller action, Platja d’es Port is quite a busy stretch of sand.

8. Església de la Immaculada Concepció

5.22 MILES

The sweet Church of the Immaculate Conception just up the steps from the plaça at the heart of Biniaraix dates from the late 16th century. Topped with a…