Parque de la Florida

Basque Country

This classic city park, with its bandstand and leafy trees, is a lovely place for a walk, jog or picnic. Kids will want to hit up the ice cream stand in summer.

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Nearby Basque Country attractions

1. Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro

0.04 MILES

Contains some early Christian stone carvings and Basque crosses, detailed paintings of biblical scenes and a glittering ensemble of crucifixes and…

2. Catedral de María Inmaculada

0.05 MILES

Vitoria’s cathedral might look old, but in fact it only dates from the early 1970s. There are some impressive, fairly adventurous stained-glass windows…

3. Museo de Bellas Artes

0.24 MILES

Housed in an exquisite neo-Renaissance building, with lovely stained glass windows and a converted chapel that was part of the former Palacio de Augusti,…

4. Museo de Armería

0.25 MILES

On a peaceful, tree-lined boulevard, this low-lit armaments museum showcases weapons used over the centuries, from Bronze Age spearheads to 19th-century…

5. Palacio de Ajuria-Enea

0.26 MILES

As befits the Basque capital, Vitoria boasts some important buildings: essential administrative centres, but of great symbolic significance. They include…

6. Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol

0.27 MILES

This is the city’s oldest church and has a fabulous Gothic frontispiece on its eastern facade. Unfortunately, it's rarely open. Your best bet to seeing…

7. Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel

0.31 MILES

At the base of Vitoria's medieval Casco Viejo is the delightful Plaza de la Virgén Blanca, which is lorded over by the 14th-century Iglesia de San Miguel…

8. Paseo de los Arquillos

0.35 MILES

Built between 1787 and 1802, this neoclassical covered arcade connects the old and new towns.