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San Sebastian to Way of St James Half-Day Hiking and Boat Tour

Meet your guide in the Gros area of San Sebastián and hike your way out of town to reach Ulia Mountain, just east of the seaside town. The mountainside is etched with a centuries-old walking trail that was once a Christian pilgrimage route to the town of Santiago de Compostela, where St James’ remains are said to be buried. Known as the Way of St James or the Pilgrims’ Way, the coastal trail is now as popular for its views as it is for its history, offering incomparable vistas of San Sebastian and the Basque Coast. Made famous from the 2010 American film The Way (featuring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez), the trails are perfect for scenic hikes with the Lighthouse of La Plata as one of the main landmarks to explore. Follow your guide along the Way of St James’ rocky paths, enjoying stops a plenty to soak up the panoramas. The route heads down the hill and goes at a steady pace, allowing you to focus on the idyllic scenery stretched out before you. Stop in Pasaia San Pedro on the Bay of Pasaia, and learn about local village life and culture, hearing tales of pelota (a Basque boules game) and rowing competitions that take place in the town. Then, board a sightseeing boat across the inlet towards the port side of Santiago Square. Stroll to one of the town’s elegant terrace bars and take a seat to admire the views. Enjoy a pintxo along with a glass of txakoli, the local slightly fizzy, dry white wine. After some well-earned relaxation time, continue walking to Pasaia – a captivating coastal village where the 19th-century French poet Victor Hugo found inspiration. Explore the narrow streets of the town with your guide, and then travel back to San Sebastian by public transportation. Your tour finishes at the start point in Gros, San Sebastián. Please note: This is a 8.5 km hike, designed to take three hours with an extra two hours at the end to enjoy the town of Pasaia and come back to San Sabestian by public bus.You'll be walking up a steep hill at the beginning that lasts for 1.5 km. The terrain isn't rocky but there will be lots of steps to climb! The rest of the hike lasts for 7 km and while it is more moderate, you will need to navigate your way across a few rocks, which can be challenging for some. During each section, the total gain of altitude is about 180 m (360 m in total). .   

$57.79 Walking & Biking Tours

San Sebastian City 2-Hour History Walking Tour

Get a taste of San Sebastián’s past, present, and future on a walking tour that will show you the city’s many faces. Explore the areas that have helped to shape the evolution of the city and learn why this destination has always been a favourite spot for socialites and surf seekers alike. Your walking tour will start at Portaletas, one of the most characteristic (and okay, we’ll admit it, one of our favourite) places in San Sebastián, located at the crossroads of the old town and fishing district. A visit here is your 101 lesson to understanding San Sebastián’s past and present, and its transformation from fishing port to summer resort. We’ll head from the port and through the battlefield of Monte Urgull before moving to the modern part of the city, where glamour and new world architecture meet. We’ll explore along the Urumea River and visit the Gros district, crossing a bridge that’s got some stories to tell: from the European aristocracy who crossed it to visit the casino, to the Hollywood stars that crossed it on their way to movie fesitvals, to modern-day vacationers heading to the shore to admire intrepid surfers. Your San Sebastián tour will next lead you to the residential ensanche, the city expansion that was built when the old city walls where demolished, and that is today a fascinating commercial area for fashionistas and those who want to understand everyday life in a Basque city. You’ll see the cathedral before heading to La Concha Bay, a favourite spot for European summer vacations, and a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. And for a total now-and-then experience, you’ll see firsthand how San Sebastián has changed via old photographs compared with real-life tour stops (and with the help of some modern tablet technology). Want to recreate your own aristocrat or Hollywood socialite pose? We’ll help you with Instagram-worthy stops where you can mirror old views today — and we’ll even send you home with your own digital copies of retro photographs.

$134.07 Outdoor Activities

Total San Sebastian Tour: Hike, Bike & Pintxos Bites

This Total Day Tour combines three of our most popular San Sebastian tours: Mysterious Urgull Hill, Grab Your Pintxo and Basque by Bike. Starting in pretty Zuloaga Plaza in San Sebastian’s delightful Old Town, your expert local guide will lead you towards the beginning of an exhilarating walk up Monte Urgull, an impossibly picturesque hill overlooking the city. As we ascend the hill you’ll see the batería del Gobernador, the English Cemetery, the charming old castle and the city’s history museum. The uphill portion of our walk ends at the foot of the Sacred Heart statue. As we go back own the hill, we’ll pop into the castle jail, we’ll pause at another stunning viewing point then we’ll stop at a battery of cannons, called Las Damas (meaning ‘ladies’ in Spanish). This is a great spot to stop for a bird’s eye view of the city, where your guide can show you some of the main, unmissable spots around the Concha Bay: The City Hall, Hotel Londres, the Concha, Ondarreta Bay and Igueldo Mountain. You will definitely be thirsty by now! A much needed drink at one of our favourite bars in the city.Once we have satiated our thirst, it’s time to fill our bellies with some of our favourite pintxos! We’ll take a scenic wander through the Old Town and then on to the up and coming Gros neighbourhood, absorbing the atmosphere and learning everything you need to know about the food culture and history of the city.The pintxos we will present to you are the best reflection of modern Basque gastronomy: they preserve the heritage of tastes and flavours of Basque cuisine while the presentation will be like a modern piece of art (tasty, tasty art...). After all that lovely food, it’s time to burn off some calories with a leisurely bike ride that will give you refreshingly different views of the city of San Sebastián. We’ll follow the bidegorri (bike path) along some of the most expensive properties of Spain facing La Concha and Ondarreta beaches and we will check out the waves and surfing culture over at Zurriola beach. From here, we’ll ride to the end of the bay, where nature meets civilisation. You’ll discover some Basque modern art before veering through one of the city’s oldest, most authentic neighbourhoods and toward a “secret passage” that connects two parts of the city. You’ll ride through districts that show the many faces of San Sebastian. As your cycle tour continues, you’ll get to enjoy the wild of the ocean and admire some brave surfers along Zurriola Beach, in the beautiful Gros district. Your Day Tour ends here, which is great if you’re feeling peckish again or you just fancy a glass of wine after a busy day of sightseeing!Please note: As this is a combination of our three most popular tours, you may not have the same guide for the entire day but rest assured, whether you have one guide or three, all of us are passionate about our incredible city.

$40.45 Cultural & Theme Tours

Mysterious Urgull Hill: San Sebastian Walking and History Tour

Starting in pretty  Zuloaga  Plaza in San Sebastian’s delightful Old Town, your expert local guide will lead you towards the beginning of an exhilarating walk up Monte Urgull, an impossibly picturesque hill overlooking the city. Our first stop will be at batería del Gobernador, from which we will enjoy truly spectacular views over the Gulf of Biscay, the east side of the city and the popular Zurriola surfing beach in the Gros neighbourhood. Further up, we’ll see the English Cemetery, where soldiers who fought and died with the British Expeditionary Force are buried. We’ll spend some time here, learning about the Siege of San Sebastian and read some of the soldier’s stories in stone. Our next stop will be a shooting range (which is no longer in use, thankfully) before continuing our walk up to the charming old castle and the city’s history museum. Our uphill walk ends at the foot of the Sacred Heart statue, rewarding you for your physical exertion with the best views over the city. Cameras at the ready! A visit to the castle jail is next on the agenda as we make our way back down the hill, to see eerie drawings that prisoners created centuries ago. Along the way, we’ll stop at another viewing point (we told you that you’d be spoilt for choice with all the wonderful vistas on offer!) and hear about the region of San Sebastian, known as Gipuzkoa and get an overview of its now legendary gastronomic culture. We’ll pass by yet another battery of cannons, called Las Damas (meaning ‘ladies’ in Spanish), so called because the women of San Sebastian used to visit the nearby water fountain and would stop to chat with the soldiers garrisoned there. This is a great spot to stop for a bird’s eye view of the city, where your guide can show you some of the main, unmissable spots around the Concha Bay: The City Hall, Hotel Londres, the Concha, Ondarreta Bay and Igueldo Mountain. The importance of the pretty promenade railings of La Concha will also be explained. You will definitely be thirsty by now! A much needed drink at one of our favourite bars in the city is up next, to help the history you have just learned to digest quickly! Your tour will end on Subida del Castillo street, where we’ll take some time to admire the most recent artistic representations of the city in graffiti and the very famous street artist, Bansky, who has left his mark here. We will say goodbye at the port, once a busy fishing harbour, and now largely a marina for yachts. Here there are plenty of lovely restaurants and pintxos bars to visit, after building up a healthy appetite on our walk! Before you go, don’t forget to ask your local guide for tips on what else to do during your stay in stunning San Sebastian.

$107.74 Outdoor Activities

San Sebastian Hiking, St Jacobs Way

Discover the seafaring history of Donostia with this hiking in which you will travel Mount Ulia along the coastal road of St. Jacob's way. The route starts in the neighbourhood of Gros, one of the trendy arear of the city. The guide will join the group during the way and explain all you have to know about the city, the province and the seafaring history of the area. Enjoy this great hiking trail and the beautiful cliffs that surrounding it. The tour ends in San Pedro, a beautiful fishing village of the Bay of Pasajes where the group will enjoy a traditional pintxo and a drink while enjoying one of the best views of the area.