View of Platja de Sant Sebastià

©Esme Fox/Lonely Planet

Platja de Sant Sebastià


At the far southern end of the beach fronting La Barceloneta, this is a handy stretch of white-gold sand for a bit of sun and surf action when you need a quick break from the old city. There's a string of beach bars, restaurants and shops in front of the W Barcelona.

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1. Telefèric del Port

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First built for the 1929 Expo, this cable car strung across the harbour between La Barceloneta and Montjuïc provides an eagle-eye view of the city. The…

2. Homenatge a la Natació

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Designed by Alfredo Lanz in 2004, this steel sculpture depicts various graceful if abstract poses of swimmers taking to the sea.

3. Platja de Sant Miquel

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Taking its name from the 18th-century church in nearby Barceloneta, this stretch of soft honey-gold sand fills with beachgoers when warm days arrive…

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8. Església de Sant Miquel del Port

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Dating from 1755, this sober baroque church was the first building completed in Barceloneta. Built low so that the cannon in the then Ciutadella fort…