In the courtyard of Museu Can Framis

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Museu Can Framis


Set in an 18th-century former textile factory surrounded by greenery, this contemporary gallery is a showcase for Catalan painting from the 1960s onwards. The galleries display around 300 works, arranged in thought-provoking ways – with evocative paintings by different artists (sometimes working in different time periods) creating fascinating intersections and collisions.

Highlights include the intricate, tapestry-style paintings of Victor Pérez-Porro, desolate black-and-white scenes of Gregori Iglesias, dreamlike sequences of Perejaume, photographic portraits by Pedro Madueño, Agustí Puig's ethereal Menines (whose point of departure is Velázquez' iconic Las Meninas created three centuries earlier) and the luminous works by self-taught painter Xevi Vilaró.

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