Espacio 88


Hosting everything from yoga classes, pop-up boutiques and brunches to the (permanent) uberpopular SKYE coffee truck, this white-walled, concrete-floored warehouse-like space embodies all that's wonderful about El Poblenou's post-industrial resurgence. The arts take centre stage, with dynamic events and exhibitions typically focusing on fashion, design, photography, architecture, food and film.

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1. Museu de la Música

0.33 MILES

Some 500 instruments (less than a third of the full collection) are on show in this red-clad museum, housed on the 2nd floor of the administration…

2. Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

0.43 MILES

Nicknamed la grapadora (the stapler), Barcelona's fascinating design museum lies inside a monolithic contemporary building with geometric facades and a…

3. Museu Can Framis

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Set in an 18th-century former textile factory surrounded by greenery, this contemporary gallery is a showcase for Catalan painting from the 1960s onwards…

4. Torre Glòries

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Barcelona’s famously cucumber-shaped tower, Jean Nouvel’s luminous Torre Glòries (formerly Torre Agbar) is among the most daring additions to the skyline…

5. Cascada

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Near the Passeig de Pujades entrance to the park stands this monumental cascada (waterfall), inspired by Rome's Trevi Fountain and topped by a golden…

6. Cementiri del Poblenou


Just inland from Platja de Bogatell, Poblenou's cemetery dates from 1773. It was positioned outside the then city limits for health reasons; its central…

7. Parlament de Catalunya

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On the eastern side of the Parc de la Ciutadella, in the fort's former arsenal, lies the regional Parlament de Catalunya, open for independent visiting…

8. Rambla del Poblenou

0.63 MILES

With its origins in the mid-19th century (when Poblenou's industrial boom kicked off), this leafy boulevard has long been the neighbourhood hub, sprinkled…