Museu Etnològic

Museum in Montjuïc, Poble Sec & Sant Antoni

Barcelona’s ethnology museum presents an intriguing permanent collection that delves into the rich heritage of Catalonia. Exhibits cover origin myths, religious festivals, folklore, and the blending of the sacred and the secular – along those lines, don't miss the Nativity scene with that quirky Catalan character el caganer, aka 'the crapper'.

The collection also has instruments and archive images of traditional dances from the Catalan Pyrenees, plus accoutrements of bygone days showcasing the region's blacksmiths, winemakers, weavers, apothecaries, shepherds, potters, toymakers and even saurí ('diviners'; those tasked with finding water and hidden things). There are also several gegants (massive figures made of papier-mâché) depicting King Jaume I and Queen Violant. You can also check out a dragon (though you'll have to imagine the spewing burning embers it emits) and devil costumes used in correfocs (fire runs), which still figure prominently in Catalan festivals.