Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo


Badajoz' pride and joy, this commanding, circular modern building dedicated to Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American con­tem­por­ary art showcases a wide-ranging collection of avant-garde painting, sculpture and photography. It's 800m south of the central Plaza de España.

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1. Museo de Bellas Artes

0.58 MILES

This excellent fine-arts gallery displays works by Zurbarán, Morales, Goya, Picasso and Dalí, plus particularly striking pieces by Badajoz-born artists…

2. Plaza Alta

0.68 MILES

At the top of the old town, beneath the walls of the Alcazaba, is the unusual Plaza Alta, dating to 1681, framed on its east side by the strikingly bold,…

3. Jardines de La Galera


Adorned with palms, lavender and orange trees, these gorgeous compact gardens clinging to the southeast end of the Alcazaba are perfect for a stroll while…

4. Torre de Espantaperros


Guarding Badajoz' grand Alcazaba is the Torre de Espantaperros (Scare-Dogs Tower), symbol of the city, constructed by the Moors and topped by a 16th…

5. Museo Arqueológico Provincial

0.75 MILES

Within the Alcazaba grounds, a restored Renaissance palace houses the Museo Arqueológico Provincial, crammed with Extremaduran artefacts from prehistoric…

6. Alcazaba

0.81 MILES

Badajoz' majestic 12th-century, 8-hectare Alcazaba, the largest in Spain, lords over the city above the Plaza Alta. Guarding all is the Torre de…

7. Forte de Santa Luzia

10.09 MILES

Dating from the 1640s, this miniature, zigzag-walled fort lies just 1.4km south of the main praça (town square). Today it houses a military museum with…

8. Igreja de São Domingos

10.18 MILES

This church was once part of a 13th-century Dominican monastery, though much of its construction dates from the 18th century. It opens only on rare…