Culis Monumentalibus


Since its unveiling in 2001, this voluptuously sculpted pair of buttocks and legs, rendered in bronze by Eduardo Úrculo, has become one of Oviedo's iconic open-air artworks.

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1. Woody Allen Statue

0.08 MILES

Near the city centre you'll find this homage to film director Woody Allen, who chose Oviedo as one of the settings for his 2008 film Vicky Cristina…

2. Universidad de Oviedo

0.11 MILES

This elegant 17th-century building, set around two superposed cloisters, was originally home to the University of Oviedo’s schools of Arts, Theology & Law…

3. Plaza de Porlier

0.12 MILES

Fine 17th- and 18th-century mansions line Plaza de Porlier, just west of the cathedral.

4. La Regenta Statue

0.19 MILES

One of Oviedo’s many open-air statues, Mauro Álvarez Fernández’ La Regenta (1997) pays tribute to Leopoldo Alas’ Oviedo-inspired 19th-century novel of the…

5. Plaza de Alfonso II


One of Oviedo's most attractive public spaces is this expansive plaza fronting the cathedral, with historic mansions along its sides.

6. Iglesia de San Isidoro

0.21 MILES

With its graceful baroque facade, distinctive pointed bell tower and lavish gold-and-white interior, the 17th-century Iglesia de San Isidoro dominates…

7. Ayuntamiento

0.22 MILES

The golden-hued 17th-century ayuntamiento (city hall), with a handsome central tower flanked by 50m of elegant arcades, forms the centrepiece of Oviedo's…

8. Plaza de la Constitución

0.22 MILES

Flanked by stately 16th- and 17th-century architecture and a few cafes, this lovely plaza sits near the heart of Oviedo's historic centre.