La Térmica


Come here for the architecture alone: this fabulous Modernista building has dazzling tile work, courtyards and fountains, and has been a military hospital, orphanage and civic centre in its time. It's now home to a lively program of concerts, courses and exhibitions (graffiti artist Banksy was the subject of a recent show), plus an antique market held the first Sunday of every month.

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1. Museo Automovilístico Málaga

0.37 MILES

Fashion and old cars might seem like weird bedfellows, but they’re an inspired combo when viewed through the prism of this slightly out-of-the-box museum…

2. Museo Ruso de Málaga

0.39 MILES

Housed in a former tobacco factory, this offshoot of St Petersburg's Russian State Museum is dedicated to Russian art from the 16th to 20th centuries. It…

3. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo

0.87 MILES

The contemporary-art museum is housed in a skilfully converted 1930s wholesale market on the river estuary. The bizarre triangular floor plan of the…


1.08 MILES

The antithesis of Málaga's prestigious world-class art museums is refreshingly down-to-earth MAUS, a grassroots movement born out of an influx of street…

5. Mirador Princess

1.13 MILES

In common with many cities, Málaga has adopted a touristic big wheel by its port. Measuring 70m tall, it's good for views over the city. The 42 capsules…

6. Alameda Principal

1.15 MILES

The Alameda Principal, now a busy thoroughfare, was created in the late 18th century as a boulevard on what were then the sands of the Guadalmedina…

7. Mercado Atarazanas

1.17 MILES

North of the city's main artery, the Alameda Principal, you’ll find this striking 19th-century iron-clad building incorporating the original Moorish gate…

8. Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares

1.24 MILES

Located in a 17th-century inn, the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares specialises in everyday rural and urban life of the past; note the barros …