The Alcazaba of Antequera, a Moorish fortress in Antequera city in the province of Malaga.

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Favoured by the Granada emirs of Islamic times, Antequera’s hilltop Moorish fortress has a fascinating history and covers a massive 62,000 sq metres. The main approach to the hilltop is from Plaza de San Sebastián, up the stepped Cuesta de San Judas and then through an impressive archway, the Arco de los Gigantes, built in 1585 and formerly bearing huge sculptures of Hercules. All that's left today are the Roman inscriptions on the stones.

The admission price includes a multilingual audioguide, which sets the historical scene as you meander along tidy pathways, flanked by hedges and some archaeological remains of a Gothic church and Roman dwellings from the 6th century AD.

Climb the 50 steps of the Torre del Homenaje for great views, especially towards the northeast and of the Peña de los Enamorados (Rock of the Lovers) – a rock whose profile resembles a human face, long the subject of local legends.

Admission to the Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor is included in the price. Don’t miss the ruins of Roman baths dating from the 3rd century AD, which can be viewed from Plaza Santa María, outside the church entrance. Although the site is a tad overgrown, you can clearly see the layout, aided by an explanatory plaque.

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