Balcón de Zabaleta


Canyonlike streets lead south from Plaza de la Corredera to the Balcón de Zabaleta. This little mirador has stunning views over the southern part of town and up to the Castillo de la Yedra and mountains beyond.

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1. Plaza de la Corredera

0.09 MILES

The heart of town is Plaza de la Corredera, with a number of busy bars and the elegant ayuntamiento (town hall), in a 400-year-old former monastery…

2. Plaza de Santa María


From the Balcón de Zabaleta, a narrow street leads down to Cazorla's most picturesque square, Plaza de Santa María, overlooked by the shell of the Iglesia…

3. Iglesia de Santa María

0.13 MILES

Nowadays housing Cazorla's tourist office, this picturesque shell of a grand church, attributed to the great 16th-century Renaissance architect Andrés de…

4. Centro Temático Frondosa Naturaleza

0.17 MILES

If you're pressed for time, this visit takes you through a little of Cazorla's natural and human history, showing a restored water-driven flour mill and…

5. Castillo de la Yedra

0.17 MILES

Cazorla's dramatic Castle of the Ivy, a 700m walk above Plaza de Santa María, offers superb views and houses the interesting Museum of the Upper…

7. Castillo de La Iruela

0.98 MILES

In a stunningly picturesque and panoramic perch on a rocky pinnacle towering over pretty La Iruela village, this ancient fortification is well worth the…

8. Puerto de las Palomas

4.16 MILES

The A319, heading northeast from Cazorla, enters the natural park after 7km, at Burunchel, then winds 6km up to the 1200m Puerto de las Palomas pass. The…