Oleícola San Francisco

Top choice in Andalucía

These fascinating tours of a working oil mill near Baeza will teach you all you could want to know about the process of turning olives into oil, how the best oil is made and what distinguishes extra virgin from the rest. At the end you get to taste a few varieties, and you'll probably emerge laden with a bottle or two of San Francisco's high-quality product. Reserve ahead and specify your preferred language.

Tours can be given in English or French (ring ahead to ensure availability). To get there, head west out of Baeza on the old Jaén road (A6109, formerly A316), turn right at the Begíjar signpost just before Km 5, then right again immediately past the petrol station after 1.4km.

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1. Puerta de Jaén

3.37 MILES

The Puerta de Jaén on the west side of Plaza del Pópulo was originally one of the city gates of Muslim Bayyasa, though its present form dates from a 1526…

2. Arco de Villalar

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Joined to the Puerta de Jaén on the west side of Plaza del Pópulo, the Arco de Villalar was erected by Carlos I in 1526 to commemorate the crushing of a…

3. Plaza del Pópulo

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This handsome square is surrounded by elegant 16th-century buildings. The central Fuente de los Leones is made of carvings from the Ibero-Roman village of…

4. Fuente de los Leones

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Plaza del Pópulo is also known as Plaza de los Leones after the Fuente de los Leones at its centre. The fountain is made of carvings from the Ibero-Roman…

5. Casa del Pópulo

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On the southern side of Plaza del Pópulo is the lovely 16th-century Casa del Pópulo, formerly a courthouse, now housing Baeza’s tourist office. It was…

6. Antigua Carnicería

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The eastern side of Plaza del Pópulo is occupied by the Antigua Carnicería, from 1547, which must rank as one of the world's most elegant butcheries. It's…

7. Catedral de Baeza

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As was the case in much of Andalucía, the Reconquista destroyed Baeza's mosque and in its place built a cathedral. It's a stylistic melange, though the…

8. Ayuntamiento

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The Ayuntamiento, a block north of the Paseo de la Constitución, has a particularly marvellous plateresque facade. The four finely carved balcony portals…