On the lower slopes of Bukaksan, this park is busiest in April when locals come to admire the cherry blossoms. Hiking trails here connect up with the Seoul City Wall.

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1. Choong Ang High School

0.39 MILES

The Gothic-style early-20th-century buildings of this campus are recognised as part of Seoul's built cultural heritage and provide a nice contrast with…

2. Simsimheon

0.45 MILES

This modern hanok was rebuilt using traditional methods on the site of two older ones to create a home with museum grandeur that gives a rare opportunity…

3. Gahoe Minhwa Workshop

0.48 MILES

Housing a large collection of amulets and folk paintings this combined house museum and cultural centre also offers classes teaching traditional painting,…

4. Another Way of Seeing

0.52 MILES

Running a program to support art education and activities for the blind, Another Way of Seeing is a gallery where the thought-provoking exhibitions…

5. World Jewellery Museum

0.59 MILES

The well-lit displays of this private jewellery collection prove that small is beautiful. The pieces were amassed from around the world over three decades…

6. Cheongwadae

0.62 MILES

Security is so tight around the Blue House (so called because of its blue tiled roof) at the base of Bukaksan that even innocently walking past the…

7. National Children’s Museum

0.62 MILES

Advance reservations are recommended for this interactive and guided museum for kids, as walk-in visitors are limited in number daily.

8. Great Greenhouse

0.64 MILES

On the grounds of Changgyeonggung is this splendid Victorian-stye greenhouse built by the Japanese in 1909.