Myeong-dong & Jung-gu

Within the Deoksugung complex, the interesting fusion-style pavilion Jeonggwanheon was designed by Russian architect Aleksey Seredin-Sabatin as a place for the emperor to savour coffee and entertain guests. Gojong developed a taste for the beverage while holed up for a year in the Russian legation following the assassination of Queen Min. The pavilion’s pillars, a verandah and metal railings are decorated with deer and bats – both auspicious creatures.

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1. Hamnyeongjeon

0.05 MILES

A part of Deoksugung, this building served as Emperor Gojong’s living quarters.

2. Junghwajeon

0.06 MILES

Serving as Deoksugung’s main throne hall, Junghwajeon was used for ceremonial occasions such as coronations, and is adorned with dragons and golden window…

3. Daehan Empire History Museum

0.07 MILES

The Daehan Empire History Museum, with its opulent lobby, dining rooms and bedrooms, is in the neoclassical-style Seokjojeon. Visiting is only possible by…

4. Seokjojeon

0.08 MILES

A good example of Deoksugung's potpourri of contrasting architectural styles, the grand neoclassical-style Seokjojeon was designed by British architect GR…

5. Deoksugung

0.09 MILES

One of Seoul's five grand palaces built during the Joseon dynasty, Deoksugung (meaning Palace of Virtuous Longevity) is the only one you can visit in the…

6. MMCA Deoksugung

0.11 MILES

This branch of MMCA is within a grand colonial building inside the Deoksugung complex. It has several galleries exhibiting its permanent modern-art…

7. Deoksugung Stone Wall Road

0.12 MILES

Outside to the left of Deoksugung's main gate, the palace's stone southern wall creates a curved path shaded by 130 trees with benches where locals stop…

8. Seoul Plaza

0.14 MILES

Seoul Plaza, fronting City Hall, is the scene for events and free performances most nights during summer, as well as an outdoor ice-skating rink for a…